Friday, January 14, 2011

On emptiness or Shunyata

Understanding and internalizing the concept of Shunyata or emptiness is a necessary to attain enlightenment. Read the definition first and I will get back at you.
“According to the Mahayana teaching, beings and things have no intrinsic existence in themselves. All phenomena come into being because of conditions created by other phenomena. Thus, they have no existence of their own and are empty of a permanent self. There is neither reality not not-reality; only relativity.
Form and appearance create the world of myriad things, but the myriad things have identity only in relation to each other. Beyond identity, Shunyata is an absolute reality that is all things and beings, unmanifested.”
Well this is the deal…you see a car, and you call it a car..but what is really a car? That thing that we call a car is an amalgamation of many different parts, it is made out of rubber, plastic, metal, glass, fluids, and then there are other parts, an engine, wiper motors, electronic parts, electrical cables, seats, cushions…just like a human being…but what are we? How about ourselves? This thing that we call man or woman is a compilation of flesh, bone, sinew, blood, collagen, vessels, lymph, hair…that’s  what we really are!  If you want to go even further, we are just a composition of four molecules, Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen rearranged in different sequences, still, we just call it a man.
That is the  reality!
That is the importance of understanding the concept of emptiness. Nothing has and identity on themselves.  You cannot say, I am a man or a woman and that’s it! We are part of this universe and our components are in a constant recycling mode. Today I am a man, in the future; I can become part of the soil or even pages from a book!
As wild as this seems to be, .it is important to understand the concept of emptiness, all phenomena’s are empty of themselves, because they depend on something else to exist. Just like you came from your parents and your parents from your parents. Once you acquire the wisdom to understand the concept of emptiness, you will be able to understand reality because you know everything is interdependent, everything is connected.  We now see all our actions have consequences and you realize things just don’t happened because, is because there is a cause, and then an effect; it is what we call Karma.

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