Friday, January 14, 2011

Have Faith in Yourself

When we follow the path of reasoning, we use our intelligence to critically examine what our teachers explain to us. We resolve our doubts about their teachings by analyzing our own life experiences to see if the teachings are valid and give useful insights. If we can gain certainty in the teachings’ accuracy and benefit, we meditate in order to turn that certainty into experience of the true nature of reality. This has positive effects—you should investigate for yourself and see. Then you will have a faith that comes from your own intelligence and diligence, rather than from an external command. It will not be faith in an outer person or doctrine; it will be faith in your own true nature—faith that is inseparable from the true nature of your mind.
Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, "The Path of Faith and the Path of Reasoning"
When you have faith in yourself, you will discover your inner strength and realize that the sky is the limit. You can accomplish many things by having faith on yourself which will take you to the ultimate truth... You are not dependent on anybody or anything and you are a lot stronger than you previously believed.  
When you believe in yourself, you believe in other people and realize not everybody and everything is bad or is going to get you. You stop living in fear. You will understand that there is always good somewhere. Even bad people like Hitler, loved something, in his case, his German Shepherd dog called Blondie. Roses have sharp thorns, but the petals are delicate and fragrant. It may not sound much right now to you, but there is always good everywhere and if you focus on the goodness around you, your life will become more meaningful.  You just have to open your eyes and see…
Don’t judge so much, accept yourself, 
Accept other people and things as they are…
Love yourself and then,  you will love others…
It is what it is… make the best out of it
Be happy now, in this life.

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